Welcome to the Interstellar Family Network!

    First of all, welcome to us, you have chosen a great Community with a powerful Server!

    👉 Community Lifestyle

    It can be a big Advantage if you become part of the IFNetwork Community!
    This gives you more Contacts, Content & fun - as well more protection and special Functions.
    May also visit the Community Discord to unlock all kinds of functions and Content!

    With the Discord Bot Command .verify you can link your InGame Account with your Discord Account.
    This allows you to collect XP and receive Community Level, Trustpoints and much more.
    Visit our Wiki to learn more about the Community and it's features!

    👉 Level & Trust System

    As already mentioned above, you should verify yourself on the Community Discord.
    The IFN has a very well thought out Level System, but it only runs for verified Members.
    Depending on how active you play, you will automatically get EXP.

    With every 10th level-UP you get another Trust Level credited. (Internal Statistics)
    Trust Levels define your trustworthiness and are e.g. needed to join the IFN Intern.

    👉 Premium Service

    Especially for EU #1 Premium, the Name is of course the Program and not just written down.
    Player-friendly handling on the part of our Admins and Management are the top Priority.
    We also attach great importance to Server Health and the opinion of the Community.
    On Discord you can participate in Voting regarding Server changes, Updates, etc.
    You will also be informed in good time about changes / plans etc.

    👉 Special Events

    Entertainment and Content is very important to us!
    The Management and the Community are constantly coming up with new things.
    The Community is currently enjoying Rover Races and Drone Races with XP System & Co.
    You can also win great Prizes such as DLC, PCU, Money and more at various Events!
    On the Community Discord you can access all Details in a Bot Channel using .race.

    👉 IFN & own Faction

    If you are the CEO of a Faction yourself, the IFN is just the thing for you.
    We have some Functions and Services especially for Faction Leaders!
    Benefit from integrating yourself and your Crew into the Community.
    You can also create your own Channels using the Discord Command .channel
    Click here to see the Bot Commands Overview!

    👉 long-life Community

    In contrast to many Communities, the IFN is well thought out.
    A Donation System with 100% transparency enables dynamic Participation in the expenses.
    The monthly costs are already largely covered by the Players themselves.
    Donors also have total insight into the Networks Income / Expenditure. (+ Premium Services)
    This creates a very familiar and long-lasting Community!

    👉 Maintenance by Professionals

    At EU #1 there are no Hobbyists in the Team, only professionals who understand their work.
    The Server is also supported by verified Keen Server Admins and Developers of SE, Plugins & Torch.
    You don't need to worry about your Grids - we will take care of them! (+Auto Backups)

    Modifications are only implemented in consultation with the Community & Security Team.
    Security & Professional handling of Server as well as of the Community is Priority No. 1

    --- fly safe!

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