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Interstellar Family Network Race

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The IFN Race was founded in 2019, but operated for a long time in a small Style.
Lately these Races have been better organized, planned and published!
There are different Races (Ground, Air, Space) in different Places (Planets, Asteroids, Space, Air).
This Area of the Network is still a Beta Program, we ask for your understanding!


Discord Command: .race

Races are currently announced in #community-news in the Discord. (about 3 weeks before the start)
Every Race can differ somewhat and always offers new attractions.

  1. Participation is always possible from the publication of a Race (see below)
  2. Conditions will also (usually) be announced when the Race is published
  3. Participation End is always at least 3-5 days before the start of the Race

There are different Venues:

There are also different types of Races:

  • Rover Race
  • Aircraft Race
  • Spaceship Race
  • Special Race (multiple Areas)

There are also differences in the Conditions / Vehicle combinations.
You can also find Details on Conditions & Rankings below.

Conditions of Participation

In principle, every Community Member can take part in IFN Races.
However, Race Organizers & IFN Managers are excluded from participation.

The Conditions of participation differ in every Race, however.
Below is an Example of Conditions and what they might look like.


  • small Grid (max. 2.000 PCU)
  • flying the rover is forbidden!
  • at least 1, maximum 4 tires (goal must be reached on Wheels!)
  • a maximum of 2 Thrusters may be used (Athmo.)
  • a maximum of 3 Gyroscopes may be used
  • Weapons & Bombs are forbidden (no attacks!)
  • external Support or Faction Members Support is forbidden
  • Repairs during the Race are prohibited! (Exception: mini damage)

Conditions are always announced when a Race get released.


  • a maximum of two Players per Faction can participate
  • in Races you can always win a wide variety of Rewards (PCU, SC, Ships and more)
  • it is possible to be taken to the Race +Rover (ask for it!)
  • participating in Races has hardly any risks for you (Security present)


The Ranking System is currently still in the development phase.
Below is an explanation of how the Ranking is composed.

:!: Get the current Ranking (Discord Command): .ranks racexp

  • every time you win a Race you get EXP (see below)
  • the total number of EXP acts as a value in the Ranking
  • the Participant with the most EXP is number 1 in the List


  1. Race Place Nr. 1 = 600 EXP
  2. Race Place Nr. 2 = 500 EXP
  3. Race Place Nr. 3 = 400 EXP
  4. Race Place Nr. 4 = 300 EXP
  5. Race Place Nr. 5 = 200 EXP
  6. Race Place Nr. 6 = 100 EXP


:!: Currently not working!

Here is a list of Bot Commands

.race Main Command that shows you all Subcommands
.race list shows you the last 10 races with RID
.race details to show upcoming Race Infos (<RID> possible)
.race ranks shows you the Ranking, max. 10 Pilots
.race infos Links, Videos and iIformation about the IFN Races
.race profile shows your IFN Race Profile if available

.race team Participation List of the next Race
.race team apply <active/reserve> to join the following Race
.race team cancel Cancellation of the next Race if registered

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