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about the internal Network

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The internal Interstellar Family Network consists of several Community Factions.
Internal Network Members work closely with the Management to keep the Community successful.
You can join the IFN Intern, but only under certain Conditions (see below).
If you are in the mood for History, you can read the History Time below (rough Version).

IFN internal Advantages

  • Extension of your Discord (internal Channels & Co.)
  • Right to have a say in internal Meetings
  • Right to vote in internal Votes (not the Pub. ones)
  • Unlocked: all other IFN Internal Jobs
  • higher Reputation within the Community

:!: Unlocked means that you are able to apply for this Departments!


  • Minimum age: 18 Years
  • Language: German or/and English
  • min. Level: 30 & 3 Trust Points
  • no Wanted Status or negative Notes
  • you need to be verified at Discord
  • Generally positive History at IFNetwork
  • Experience with Space Engineers, Server & IFN Wiki
  • Entry only possible as Faction (you have to be a Founder/Leader!)
  • Founder/Leaders are responsible for their Members but not needed to have Members!
  • Compliance with the IFN internal Rules

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Internal Rules

Version of: 19/10/2020 - 15:00 UTC+1

  • §01. The IFN Community Rules also apply to internal Members
  • §02. Internal Group Leaders / Owners have responsibility over their Members
  • §02.01 Members of the Faction are not automaticly internal Members
  • §02.02 Members of the Faction without beeing Internal are subject to §01 & §04
  • §03. Internal Members act as Community Role Models
  • §03.01 Always behave in a friendly & Community-oriented manner
  • §04. Internal Members are not allowed to attack other internal Players
  • §04.01 exceptions are mutually agreed Fights or Events
  • §04.02 Offline Raiding is strictly prohibited for internal Members
  • §04.03 PvP Interactions against new / lost Players is prohibited
  • §04.04 the Behavior in InGame Chat should correspond to §03.01
  • §05. The Main Task of an internal Member is to protect the Network
  • §05.01 Report to the Admins Players who obviously violate the Rules
  • §05.02 Report to Security if Players insult or treat other Players unfairly
  • §05.03 Report to Admins if Players abuse the Mechanics or lag the Server
  • §05.04 Report any Case that endangers the Community or the Server (Internal Channel)
  • §06. If you are not active for a long time, tell it internaly!
  • §07. Internal Information should not be shared external without prior Agreement
  • §08. Failure to comply with the internal set of Rules will result in exclusion and possibly other Consequences

Internal Departments

Below are the Details of the internal Departments.
Application for a Department is only possible as an internal Member.

  • IFN FOUNDER (no apply possible)
  • — Responsible for compliance with the IFN Codex and Regulations
  • — Management of the entire Network as well as its Technology and Accounting
  • IFN COMMITTEE (max. 4 People)
  • — close Cooperation with the Founders
  • — also act as Representatives of the Founders
  • — are involved in important Decisions
  • — Maintenance of Community Activity (Votings, Advertising, etc.)
  • — Responsible for Maintaining / complying with the IFN internal Rules
  • IFN INTERNAL (Main Area of the internal Network)
  • — verified Community Members who follow the internal Rules
  • — can take part in internal Voting and help make decisions
  • — Responsible for Maintaining / complying with the IFN internal Rules
  • — Some internal Members are in a Department or are Network Elders / large Donors
  • — Divided into the following Sub-Areas (Departments)…
IFN Support (max. 10 People)
:?: responsible for Community InGame & Discord Support
IFN Moderator (max. 3 People)
:?: responsible for Community Discord Violations
IFN Wiki Moderator (max. 3 People)
:?: responsible for the IFN Wiki (DE/EN)
IFN Development (max. 4 People)
:?: responsible for the Development (C++, Java, Mysql, SE Plugins & Co.)
IFN Race Management (max. 5 People)
:?: responsible for the planning and organization of Race Events
IFN NPC Raid Management (max. 5 Personen)
:?: responsible for the planning and organization of Raid Events
IFN Content Creator (max. 10 Personen)
:?: responsible for the planning and implementation of new IFN Events

History Time


A very turbulent Year in many ways and not over yet!
The Community grew enormously and the Universe was literally overloaded.
We were forced to tighten the InGame Limits to ensure stability.

In the course of the Year there was also a fire in the Data Center.
A downtime of over 3 Weeks (thank God without any data loss) caused a stir.
Many Players disappeared and were lost in those three tough Weeks!
The chaotic updates from Keen often caused Player losses as well.

With the drop in active Players, the number of active Donors also decreased.
With regard to this, we were forced to initiate the shutdown of the Network.
However, some Players decided to invest to prevent this!

In this respect, the IFNetwork is still alive - thanks to active and supportive Players.

—- The rest for 2021 will follow …

2019 to the end of 2020

The changes within the Community this year was more extreme than ever!
Many tribal Members from the internal Network went tired over the Years.
However, just as many new ones are coming up, which makes us very happy and motivated to stay on course!
We know from experience that the old Members will also come back - after a Break.

We look tense and tense into the Future and have set our Goals high.
Many small to big changes have already been made, more to come!
The Management is currently primarily concerned with cleaning the Discord.

A new System, fewer Bots and Database Chaos and more Stability!
The new overall Concept of the Community is based on long detailed planning and internal consultation.
The Plans until 2021 are breathtaking - let's hope everything goes well :)

2018 to the end of 2019

A lot has happened lately and the constant change of factions is slowly calming down.
The new members of the network often no longer know why this network was founded, how it was created and why it even exists on this server. As a co-founder of the network, it is very important to me that every single member knows about it.

The idea started more than 3 years ago, at that time this server was besieged by trolls, griefers and in short German idiots! It was very difficult to gain a foothold on the server and to enjoy the game itself. Connecting with other players was also very difficult and complicated. All attempts to form friendships were sabotaged by trolls, griefers and, most recently, endless server lags.

New problems began in the time when PCU trading was allowed.
Players who could not get their fill of their throat, had gotten an infinite number of PCUs from illegal trade - caused massive lags on the server. Abuse by exceeding the maximum number of permitted drills ensured that the ores also ran out quickly. Finally, Keen had to reset the server in order to restore order.

Many frustrations from friends and a “private” community at the time led to the idea of ​​the network being revived. A community and people who appreciate Space Engineers and love to play and live Space Engineers and to protect the server from disruptive factors and prevent another wipe (reset) from being necessary.

At the same time, we declared the fight against the trolls, griefers and fun-spoilers.
As well as those who ruin the server consciously or unconsciously. (Lags, abuse, etc.) In the beginning it was often difficult, building the network was a lot of work and was slow. In between, the whole network project was even put on hold because it seemed impossible. It is now working better than we ever thought it would be.

This network was “NOT” established to gain total control over a universe.
This network was created to allow “well-mannered” players to enjoy space engineers. To create a kind of interstellar family that holds together in every situation. Of course, some control functions are necessary for this. Security takes precedence and serves to protect every single member of this network. Just like the IFS (Network Station) only serves the new players and members and is not a source of income for the network but a minus business in management;)

Many older members of the network are now faded figures, many new ones take their place. Every member of this network is an important part of this community & family. It is very important to us that every member knows that the spirit of this network is not based on something elitist, but on something warm!

With this in mind, many more light years as an interstellar family! May the server stability be with you … ;-)

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