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Community Donation

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The IFN incurs monthly costs for Server, Domain, Bot, Events etc.
In order to always ensure quality in the future, every contribution is very important.

:!: As a Donor, you also have access to the internal Accounting Channel!

Every donation is recorded precisely and can be called up via the Bot Commands.
Depending on the amount, Donors receive Community XP, VIP Status or other Gifts.

Money that remains at the end of the Year is used for the subsequent annual Budget.
If you have any problems or questions, you can contact the @IFN at any time.

:!: Every Euro of a donation is logged and is 100% visible to you


Below a small breakdown of the costs (General).

:!: Total costs per Year:
- Space Engineers Community Power Root Server (125,53 Euro per Month)
- Web Services, Domain, Bots & Co. (4,47 Euro per Month)
= 130 Euro per Month or 1.560 Euro per Year

Awards and Rewards

Donors are important and therefore they are valued!
Below is a list of reward types depending on the Contribution.

You get as a Donor for every donation…

  • from 10 Euro » +20 EXP, +Rank Community Donor
  • from 30 Euro » +60 EXP, +Rank Community Donor II +50.000.000 SC
  • from 50 Euro » +100 EXP, +Rank Community Donor III +100.000.000 SC
  • from 90 Euro » +180 EXP, +Rank Community Lover & Donor +150.000.000 SC

Donors receive from the following total Amounts (also counts consecutively)…

  • 100 Euro » +Icon 🔰 +1 Trust Level
  • 200 Euro » +Icon 🌠 +1 Trust Level, +Rank Premium Member
  • 300 Euro » +Icon 💪 +1 Trust Level, +Rank Premium Member II
  • 400 Euro » +Icon 🚀 +1 Trust Level, +Rank Premium Member III
  • 500 Euro » +Icon 🌌 +2 Trust Level, +Rank Premium Member IV (Epic!)
  • 600 Euro » +Icon 💫 +2 Trust Level, +500.000.000 SC one time Bonus
  • 700 Euro » +Icon 🌟 +3 Trust Level, +Rank Community VIP & Donor
  • 800 Euro » +Icon 🔱 +3 Trust Level, +Rank Premium Member V (Legend!)
  • 900 Euro » +Icon 👑 +4 Trust Level, +Rank Community Partner

Trust Level = each Member starts with 0 (low)
Loyalty XP = Experience that you earn for actitvity at the Server!
Rank = Discord Rank, fancy & shiny but not stackable!
Icon = a nice icon, clearly visible behind your name! Higher icons replace the old ones!

:!: If you have donated these Amounts but have not yet received a Reward, please contact the Management!

Payment Methods

The following options are currently available…

by transfer

ADRESS: Klosterstraße 62, 10179 Berlin

IBAN: DE70 10011001 2625 6698 26

USAGE: IFN Donate (InGameName)

If you want to do something good for the Management of the Community,
State IFN Management as the usage Reason.


We would prefer primarily you use transfers!
In an emergency, however, is also possible
Use as usage Reason: IFN Donate (InGameName)
Please notify [IFN] MrBlingbling or [IFN] Omega about your Payment!

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