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Server Changelog

This Area only exists in English and only contains the latest changes.
Please use the Discord #community-news-de Channel for the German Versions!
You can always find all Details about individual changes in the #community-news Channels.

We try to keep this Area up-to-date as possible.
Nevertheless, there may be deviations from the Maintenance that was actually carried out!
If you notice any missing Content, please report it to us.

Changes at 18/11/2021

  1. Cleaning of destroyed/possessed Grids
  2. Complete System Backup + external mirroring
  3. Cleaning of the Sandbox (obsolete/incorrect data entrys got removed)
  4. Database Maintenance (Game statuses, Player Archive Entries got cleared out)
  5. Players with the Tag “PNET” will be changed back to “PUB” (Problem in progress)
  6. Windows Server Security Updates, System Scan & Hardware restart
  7. Blackout Event got started until 31.12.21
  8. 50% EXP Bonus activated until 22.11.21

Changes at 18/10/2021

  1. Blackout Event has ended (from now on Signals appear again)
  2. General cleaning of destroyed/dispossessed Grids
  3. Full System Backup and Mirroring
  4. Windows Server Security System Updates
  5. Hardware restart & System Scan

Changes at 01/10/2021

  1. IFNetwork Community Station got moved to PvP Zone #01
  2. IFNetwork Community Station Market got implemented [Alpha]
  3. Inactive Player Hangars older than 3 months got archived
  4. TPTO (Trusted Player Trade Outpost) Project got deactivated
  5. Inactive and destroyed Grids got cleaned up
  6. Complete System Backup & Mirroring
  7. Windows Server Security Updates
  8. Hardware restart & System check
  9. EXP Bonus Weekend activated

Changes at 13/09/2021

  1. General cleaning of inactive / destroyed Grids
  2. General cleaning of inactive / old Players and Factions
  3. Deletion of old uninhabited Asteroid/Ore Voxel maps
  4. Maintenance of the Discord System, Website and Database
  5. Complete Backup and external mirroring of the data
  6. Windows Server Updates and System Scan
  7. Hardware restart and test runs

Changes at 17/08/2021

  1. Discord: # 🎤player-events got created (allows Players to create own Events)
  2. Donations are now shown in the News Channel from 10 Euros instead of 50 Euros!
  3. Prizes for monthly voting winners have been changed to Zone Chips!
  4. IFN Community Station moves to PvE Zone #01 (16km above)
  5. Blackout Event got started <until ~ 01.12.2021, run: #01>
  6. Spawning in Space Suit is allowed again (test phase over!)
  7. Speed for processing Ores got increased from x7 to x16!
  8. However, Refineries per Player got reduced from 8 to 6 (Lag Reasons)
  9. Auto kick for absence got disabled again (test phase)
  10. Windows Server Security and System Updates
  11. Complete Server Backup & Mirroring
  12. Complete Hardware restart & test run

Changes at 12/08/2021

  1. Lag Spike Hotfix when a Player joins (removing server freezing)
  2. Conveyor Optimizer Hotfix (to reduce failing pull requests “spamming” the Conveyor Network)
  3. Assembler Hotfix (Empties Assembler Queues if stops producing for more than 10sec)
  4. Windturbines Hotfix (to reduce the Lag caused by them)
  5. As well as various minor optimizations

Changes at 10/08/2021

  1. Player Name Sync for broken Playernames
  2. General cleaning of inactive / destroyed Grids
  3. Upgrade of the Limitation System (see #📣comm-news-en)
  4. Maintenance of the Discord System, Website and Database
  5. Complete Backup and external mirroring of the data
  6. Windows Server Updates and System Scan
  7. Hardware restart and test runs

Changes at 19/07/2021

  1. General cleaning of inactive / destroyed Grids
  2. Deletion of old uninhabited Asteroid/Ore Voxel maps
  3. Maintenance of the Discord System, Website and Database
  4. Complete Backup and external mirroring of the data
  5. Windows Server Updates and System Scan
  6. Hardware restart and test runs

Changes at 10/06/2021

  1. General cleaning of inactive / destroyed Grids
  2. Discord System, Website & Database Maintenance
  3. Full System Backup and Mirroring
  4. Windows Security Server-Updates
  5. Hardware Restart & Testrun

Changes at 12/05/2021

  1. General cleaning of inactive / destroyed Grids
  2. Discord System, Website & Database Maintenance
  3. Scan for Custom Image & PBlock Codes
  4. Full System Backup and Mirroring
  5. Windows Security Server-Updates
  6. Hardware Restart & Testruns

Changes at 23/04/2021

  1. SE Server Software has been updated
  2. Faction Members Limitation temporarily deactivated
  3. PvE Zone 1 and 2 have been activated (Alpha)

Changes at 15/04/2021

  1. Factions got limited to a maximum of 8 Members
  2. Various optimizations in front of join/leave Lags
  3. General cleaning of inactive / destroyed Grids
  4. Reintroduction of the Laggrid Broadcaster [Alpha Run]
  5. Full System Backup and Mirroring
  6. Windows Security Server-Updates
  7. Hardware Restart & Testruns

Changes at 01/04/2021

  1. Fixed: several bugged Player Names
  2. Scan for Custom Image & PBlock Codes (cleaned)
  3. Easter & EXP Boost Event got activated
  4. Clearing World Trash & Junk Data
  5. Windows Server Security Updates
  6. Full System Backup & Mirroring
  7. World Test & System Scan

Changes at 26/03/2021

  1. Full System Backup & Mirroring
  2. Discord System Maintenance
  3. Website & Database Maintenance
  4. Clearing the World in front of Junk Data
  5. Windows Security Server Updates
  6. Hardware Restart & System Scans
  7. Quick Testrun and World check

Changes at 06/02/2021

  1. Windows Server Updates, System Backups & Maintenance
  2. General cleaning of inactive / destroyed and non-owned Grids
  3. Shutdown of IFN Central Station Market (TPTO takes Place)
  4. Fixed a few Purge Event Issues (Broadcast & Announcements)
  5. Hangars of inactive Players (min. 4 Month) got archived
  6. Full Test & quick World Check!

Changes at 24/01/2021

  1. Important Server Update got installed
  2. Player PCU got increased to 45.000 (Old: 35k)
  3. Several Player Names got fixed
  4. PCU Trading got disabled

Changes at 15/01/2021

  1. Restart at midnight deactivated (test mode)
  2. Restart times set to 04:00 & 16:00
  3. Various limits slightly adjusted (lag protection)
  4. Bug in NPC factions when players entered factions has been fixed
  5. From now on, projections are no longer blocked by the Lag Protector
  6. Warning for exceeding limits now works again

Changes at 11/01/2021

  1. Various Player Name Errors have been fixed
  2. The World's Savefile has been cleaned up (Junk Cleanup)
  3. Cleaning of the World carried out (old Voxels, Data & Grids)
  4. General Server Backup, Mirroring & Hardware Scans
  5. IFN Market has moved to the Pertams Area
  6. IFN Market GPS Marker has been updated
  7. IFN Market Stocks & Market replenished

Changes at 25/12/2020

  1. the new Planet “Pertam” got implemented due Community Request
  2. Hangar Load / Save Limitation System is finally reactivated
  3. All custom Image Codes got removed from the Savefile again
  4. IFN Christmas Event ended and all Event Grids removed
  5. +50% EXP Boost Event ended and got set back to Normal!
  6. IFN Central Station Safezone out of order (Details inside #community-news)
  7. Junk Data & outdated Voxel Maps got cleaned up once more
  8. Windows Server Updates, System Backups & Maintenance
  9. Complete Hardware Restart & System + World check
  10. Various Playername Bugs got fixed again

Changes at 01/12/2020

  1. Planets/Moons have been largely cleaned and Junk Data removed
  2. The new Space Limit set to 100kkm (see News Details)
  3. Air Pressure System reactivated, but limited to one Airvent per Grid!
  4. The Limitation System of the Server has been relaxed (see News Details)
  5. Lag Scanner / Reporter & Broadcast deactivated (from now on managed by Admins)
  6. Assembler Efficiency Multiplier & Assembler Speed Multiplier increased to 5
  7. Refinery Speed Multiplier has also been increased from 6 to 7
  8. because Christmas: all previous Wanted Players are no longer Wanted
  9. Server Security Updates, Mirroring & complete System Backup carried out
  10. Planet “Pertam” will be implemented during the “next” Maintenance!
  11. Maximum Slots set back to 30 for testing purposes
  12. Grids inside Hangar now get a own Backup once a Day (10:00 UTC+1)

Changes at 12/11/2020

  1. New: Asteroid Scanner System got finaly added (for the Visual IFN Map)
  2. Asteroid Belts that not exist in the World now get removed from Map
  3. Asteroid Belts get now displayed as “Ores” Marker instead of “Roids”
  4. Asteroid Belt Updates now get displayed within the #status Channels
  5. Asteroid Scanner now runs daily at 08:30am UTC+1 with Status Report
  6. New: GPS Broadcaster Module, Daily GPS Broadcast (first use: Christmas Event)

Changes at 09/11/2020

  1. Complete Hardware Restart & Backup of the System
  2. Hangar Function changed to free use (until December 1st, 2020)
  3. Use of the Hangar in Gravity is now possible (until December 1st, 2020)
  4. Hangar Cooldown reduced from 5 to 3 Minutes (until December 1st, 2020)
  5. Space Size got reduced to 205,000 km (on December 1st again to 100,000 km)
  6. Air Pressure System deactivated for internal Tests (lag analysis)
  7. The maximum Number of Players has been reduced to 25
  8. The minimum Number of Blocks for Gridbackups increased to 150
  9. Limitations got relaxed (see Wiki> Limits)

Changes at 06/11/2020

  1. Complete System mirroring & Backup
  2. Player Spawn Areas have been reduced (closer to the Center)
  3. Save Times of the Server reduced from 10 to 5 Minute Intervals
  4. General cleaning of inactive / destroyed and non-owned Grids
  5. Asteroid Purge carried out (Reset of 6.952 Voxel Maps)
  6. Cleaning of Junk Data in the Savefile (5.987 Junk Entrys removed)
  7. Test run of the cleaned World in Safe Mode +System Scan
  8. Various Player Names will be updated (Steam Name change)
  9. Windows Security Update, Memory Scan & Hardware Reboot

Changes at 02/11/2020

  1. Windows Security Update and Hardware Reboot
  2. Full System Backup and preparation for the changes
  3. All Server InGame Chat Commands got updated!
  4. All Server InGame Notifications got updated!
  5. The Server Rules at the Wiki got moved to Knowledgebase
  6. Server Limitation Informations got added to the Knowledgebase (Wiki)
  7. New InGame Commands: !commands, !limits, !discord (for directly open Discord InGame)
  8. New Grid Limitation System got activated at the Server (Details above)

Changes at 30/10/2020

  1. World EU #1 PREM. Restart times changed [00:00, 08:00, 16:00 UTC+1]
  2. Hardware Restart & Windows Security Update got done while changes
  3. Random Server News / Messages updated and new ones added
  4. Purge, Lag Report, Simspeed & Downtime Infos updated
  5. Lag Grids are now broadcasted from 600us instead of 1,000us
  6. New In-game Commands: !admin , !help , !map
  7. Wanted List (Offline Raids) updated

Changes at 12/10/2020

  1. Monospace Image & PBlocks Code Cleanup done
  2. General Cleanup, System Mirroring & Hardware Restart
  3. Maximum Hangar PCU increased to 50,000, Blocks to 35,000
  4. max. Grid Storage Space increased to 15, Storage costs reduced to 15,000 SC
  5. Lag Grids GPS Broadcast has been optimized to avoid incorrect Broadcasts
  6. Unknown Signals > Spawnrate to min. 60 minutes (max. 90 minutes) increased
  7. Various Player Name Errors with affected Players got fixed!

Changes at 09/10/2020

  1. The problem that Safe Zones sometimes simply turn off has been fixed!
  2. Grids with an active Safe Zone are no longer hidden until we have a better Solution
  3. Fixed Bot System Bug that prevented some Data Updates
  4. the not updated Values of the last 3 Days were subsequently updated

Changes at 06/10/2020

  1. The Regeneration of Ores now back working 100% (confirmed)
  2. Lag Grid Reporter has been optimized and configured more precisely
  3. Grids are now loaded from a Distance of 75km and hidden from a Distance of 80km
  4. Grids in the Vicinity of which (75km) no Player around:
  5. > are now only faded out after 2 Hours! (Test Runs)
  6. > As long as there is active Production, the Grid should still remains active

Changes at 05/10/2020

  1. fixed: a Issue that prevented Ores in the Vicinity from regenerating
  2. fixed: temporary Solution for the Sensor Bugs, still use them with care!
  3. Server-side Plugin for Data Validation Issues has been added

Changes at 29/09/2020

  1. World EU #1 Maintenance, 11:00 to ~13:00 UTC+1
  2. Important Windows Server System Updates
  3. complete System Mirroring & Backups
  4. Savefile got checked for Errors again
  5. Prohibited Image Codes & Programmable Blocks get removed
  6. Name Problems for affected Players will got resolved!
  7. Complete Hardware reboot & System check
  8. maximum Player Level has been increased to 200!

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