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Discord Commands

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Below is a List of the most important Discord Bot Commands for World EU #1 PREMIUM. You can join the Discord by using:

  • .verify to verify with your InGame Character
  • .status to get the current Status of World EU #1 PREM.
  • .player your Player Profile if verified (Sub Cmd: setup or player name)
  • .faction your Faction Profile if verified (Sub Cmd: Factionname)
  • .channel to use the custom Channel Faction Feature
  • .wanted shows you all currently wanted Players
  • .intern shows you all the internal IFN Commands
  • .ranks shows you the Community Leaderboard Commands
  • .race Main Command for the IFN Race Events
  • .npc shows you all the NPC Commands
  • .like to like a specific Player!
  • .wiki shows you the most important Wiki Links
  • .server shows you all the Server Details
  • .time shows you the current Server Time
  • .group allows you to join/leave custom Player Groups
  • .discord shows you the Discord invite Link for Friends
  • .lang reset to reset your assigned Language
  • .donate IFN Donors and Supporters Command
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