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General Support

The IFNetwork has Discord & Wiki Support.
Discord Support runs on the Channel #support-en
Depending on whether you need an Admin or a Supporter, you can write the following:

  • @Support (EN) <Your Request> (for General IFNetwork Support)
  • @Admin (DE/EN) <Your Request> (for Admin & Server-specific requests)
  • @Moderator (DE/EN) <Your Request> (for Discord Moderator Support)

:!: Important
Use the .verify Command inside #bot-commands before your request.
Also note, while typing @ … click the Role to select it with your Mouse Key.
This is the only Way to inform the desired Staff about your Message!

Please think of all the necessary Information such as:

  • Date and time of the incident (Server Time, UTC+1)
  • Affected Player Names
  • Affected Grid Names
  • Screenshot or Video
  • Other Details/Information

Other Information

  • In the Game you can recognize an Admin by their purple Name
  • You can also recognize Admins via F3 by the Stars in the Rank
  • Admins or Support would never ask you for your Passwords!
  • Please also send inquiries about Offline Raids (logs) to #support-en
  • GPS Data and other Private Information should be avoided in #support-en
  • Please always use the Channel intended for this purpose and not via DM
  • IFN Management operating hours: 10:00 - 18:00 UTC+1 (Mon.-Fri.)
  • Emergencies are also processed outside of operating hours!
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