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IFN Public Station

The IFN Public Station is a Trading Station.
It serves as a neutral meeting point and Trading Center for Players.
The Coordinates for the Station are inside your GPS Interface!

Since October 2021 the Station has moved to PvP Zone #01
The buying and selling of Items has also been adjusted.
Set Peace with the IFN Community Faction to start!

The Connector on the Tower (above) allows you to trade!
The Connectors below (x4) were temporarily deactivated on 08/01/21.
You can only trade with Ships that belong to you.
The Station itself cannot be damaged, but you!

What can be traded?
Not all Items can be traded since October 2021.
As a Player, you can only buy what has already been sold by other Players!
On the other hand, you can only sell what is requested by the Station.
The Station's Orders get renewed once a month!
Below is a list of all tradable Items…

  • INGOTS (Buy / Sell)
    • Gold > 22.243,00 / 20.018,70 SC
    • Platinum > 116.967,00 / 105.270,30 SC
    • Silber > 2.463,00 / 2.216,70 SC
    • Uranium > 76.823,00 / 69.140,70 SC
  • ITEMS (Buy / Sell)
    • Zone Chips > 140.000,00 / 95.000,00 SC
    • 200mm Missile Container > 36.781,00 / 33.102,90 SC
    • 25x184mm NATO Ammo Container > 62.709,00 / 56.438,10 SC
    • 5x Organic > 9.999.999,00 SC
    • 5x Package > 9.999.999,00 SC

Since the Station is in a PvP Area, be careful!
Enemy Players may try to rob or attack you.
No Constructions are allowed within a Radius of 50 Kilometers, the PvP Zone Rules also apply!
Safezones are also not permitted within a Radius of 50 Kilometers!

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