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Faction Channel Service

:!: The Faction Channel Service is now also available for the Public Network!

It allows Faction Owners and Leaders to create their own Faction-Internal Channels.
The Faction Owner or Leader must have at least Player Level 30 to use this Service.
Furthermore, the Discord user who executes the Command must be verified with the IFN System!

The Commands are as follows

  • .channel role create creates a Faction Role if there is none! (only use once as a Owner/Leader)
  • .channel create voice name to create a Voice Channel with the given Name
  • .channel create text name to create a Text Channel with the given Name
  • .channel list shows all your Channels including ID
  • .channel delete ID deletes the desired Channel (specify ID!)

Basicly you can create 3 Channels as a Faction!
This Limit cannot be extended yet. (If interested please contact)


As soon as your Faction has a Role by using .channel role create, you can get started!
Type the Command .channel create voice/text name to create a desired Type of Channel.

After that, all you have to do is wait, verified Members will automatically receive access.
It usually takes a maximum of 30 Minutes for all of your verified Members to have rights for the Faction Channels!
Only verified Members can get access to Faction Channels!

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