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DJ Mentalo is playing 24h Music and shuffles the Music from time to time.
The Playlist is a Mix of Songs added by Community Management & Players.
There is no special Category, it's pretty mixed & different each time.

How to listen?

There are two ways to listen to Music in the Club.
In the Voice Channel 🎧Club-Music plays 24h Music.
Dj Mentalo plays a continuous mix of Songs for you.

You can also add Songs to this Collection (see below).
Inside 🎤club-talk you can always see which Song is currently being played.

Another possibility is the 🎧Club-DjBattle Voice Channel.
There you can talk freely with other Players and make own Music.
Please behave fairly towards other Players!

The following 🎤club-talk Commands are available

  .club (shows you the Commands)
  .club wiki (shows you the Wiki Links)
  .club search Song Title Parts (to search for a Song)
  .club request YTCode (to request a new Song for the Collection)

:?: How can I listen now?
Yes, that's right, this Question remained open…
If you are on the Community Discord you will see the Category “IFN - THE CLUB”.
This is located in the Navigation for the various Channel Categories.
There you will also find the 🎧 Club Music Channel where you can listen to Music.

:!: If the Music is too loud for you right click on [IFN] Mentalo.
Then simply drag the Volume Bar to the desired Position!

:!: If you don't want to hear anything for a moment you can set the Volume of [IFN] Mentalo to 0%.
You can also briefly set your Headset Symbol to “deactivated” at the Discord!

:!: If you don't want any Notifications for 🎤club-talk, deactivate them!
To do this, click with the right Mouse Button on the Channel and then “Mute Channel”.

How to add Music?


InGame Club

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