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Discord Changelog

This Area only exists in English and only contains the latest changes.
Please use the Discord #community-news-de Channel for the German Versions!
You can always find all Details about individual changes in the #community-news Channels.

We try to keep this Area as up-to-date as possible.
Nevertheless, there may be deviations from the Maintenance that was actually carried out!
If you notice any missing Content, please report it to us.

Version (28/11/2021)

  • Added Discord Event System at the IFN Discord
  • Added all upcoming Events until 01/09/22

Version (18/09/2021)

  • Added new visual Profile Info “Likes” to your Profile Image
  • Added new Command “.like” to the System
  • Added new Ranks Command “.ranks likes”

Version (10/08/2021)

  • Discord: # 🎤player-events got created (allows Players to create own Events)
  • Donations are now shown in the News Channel from 10 Euros instead of 50 Euros!
  • Ingame Global Chat get now broadcasted inside #server-chatlog
  • Ingame Global Chat Broadcast Umlauts Problem got fixed!

Version (26/03/2021)

  • Players now can reach Level 300
  • Custom Icons stop at Level 200 - new may follow!
  • Custom Backgrounds stop at Level 300 (+10 new)
  • Command: ranks got a new Sub-Command: donated
  • Groups: TemTem got added as Sub-Game Group

Version (13/02/2021)

  • fixed @ fetch_factions Mod: NPC Factions insert now set them correctly (faction_isnpc)
  • added: .donor stats <Namepart> will now show you the Stats of the given Player Name
  • added a Hotfix that prevent full Player Wipes (Database) if no Steam ID's given
  • Several fixes to get the full System back running! *phew*

Version (13/01/2021)

  • added: new Feature inside Server Status Module (Daily Login EXP Bonus)
  • changed: AFK Notification for Auto Hangar changed to 58 Days
  • disabled: Broadcast for Map Updates inside Status Channel
  • added: new Bot Command “.npc” including Sub Commands
  • added: new Sub Command for .ranks > votes & votes last

Version (04/01/2021)

  • removed: Detail Statistic inside “.donor wallet” (EoL)
  • added: NPC Station Sync inside the Faction Sync Mod (Alpha)
  • fixed: Command .help Display Bug in front of .server Command

Version (26/11/2020)

  • Race Admin: Commands implemented but not finish! ←– PENDING
  • Hotfix: Mod > Discord Sync > fixed crash due to long Steamnames
  • Disabled: Torchlog Scanner (not working since last Keen Update)
  • New: Command .group to join/leave custom Player Groups
  • fixed: some Errors that caused the Bot to crash/restart

Version (12/11/2020)

  • added: Asteroid Scanner System (for the Visual IFN Map)
  • fixed: Asteroid Belts that not exist in the World now get removed from Map
  • change: Astoird Belts get now displayed as “Ores” Marker instead of “Roids”
  • added: Asteroid Belt Updates now get displayed within the #status Channels
  • change: Asteroid Scanner now runs daily at 08:30am UTC+1 +Status Report
  • change: The Starter Icon 🌱 get displayed less inside #server-status
  • change: IFN Founders are no longer listed inside .ranks Statistic
  • fixed: if to long Names join Discord they get cut to 25 Chars
  • fixed: Some .status Display Errors in front of active Players
  • added: Module “GPS_BROADCASTER” (GPS Broadcast once a Day - first use: Christmas Event)

Version (31/10/2020)

  • Command: changed .wanted (added useful Information)
  • Command: changed .status (removed ugly new Player Icons & made it more useful)
  • Mod: Fetch Factions, fixed a few Log/Console Display Bugs
  • Mod: Server Status, fixed a Bug that prevented Players “lastseen” time
  • Mod: Torchlog Scanner, fixed a few Log/Console Display Bugs
  • Mod: Discord Update, added a Security check to prevent Verification Chaos
  • Mod: Discord Update, added better Error Handling & Log Outputs
  • new: Discord Command .server / .ip for Server Details
  • new: Discord/Bot Database get now backuped each Hour instead of Day
  • fixed: that all Icons of Players got displayed as ? (Backup Issue)
  • fixed: a rare Case that caused the reset of all verified Players
  • fixed: a Bug that informed inactive Players again and again

Version (14/10/2020)

  • changed the “.player setup” to be only useable at min. lvl 200
  • added the “.race” Command Functions in a new Way (Beta Phase)
  • fixed a Bug that was causing Errors at the Faction Sync. Module
  • fixed a Display Bug within “.donor wallet”

Version (10/10/2020)

  • running extended 24h Test now since so much Parts changed
  • moved the Server Offline/Online Message to a Management Channel
  • fixed a Bug that displayed Donations below 50 Euro within the News Channel instead of Status
  • fixed a Bug that prevented adding Donations to the System (yeh… it's complicated…)
  • fixed a Bug that crashed the Bot after 17 Minutes (each time)
  • since 3 Days thats why many other Auto Tasks couldn't finish but fixed!

Version (02/10/2020)

  • New Module: FACTION_CHANSYNC > updates custom Faction Channel Names if Faction Tag changed (once a day)
  • Player EXP System: fixed a Bug that sometimes gave verified Members +21 EXP instead of 3 EXP each Tick
  • Donation System: added that +50 Euro Donations get broadcasted inside News (DE/EN) instead of Status!
  • Donation System: fixed several Donation Display Bugs, should be back fine now!
  • New Manager Command: .vote (to manage the Public/Internal & Test Votings)
  • Command > faction > fixed several Display Bugs

Version (31/09/2020)

  • added the Command “.channel” (BETA but should work!)
  • + .channel role create (to create a Discord Role for the own Faction)
  • + .channel create voice name (to create a Voice Channel with the given Name)
  • + .channel create text name (to create a Text Channel with the given Name)
  • new Sub Command for .ranks > .ranks racexp (to display TOP Race XP Players)
  • new Sub Command for .ranks > .ranks pcu (to display TOP PCU Owners, nothing good!)
  • added DISCORD_UPDATE Mod a Feature that adds Players Faction Role if missing!
  • added SERVER_STATUS Mod a Feature to remove Players Faction Role if invalid
  • added FETCH_FACTIONS Mod a Feature to remove Players Faction Role if invalid
  • added FETCH_FACTIONS Mod a Feature to update Faction Role Name if the TAG changed
  • added FETCH_FACTIONS Mod a Feature to remove Faction Role & Channels if the Faction is gone
  • added a Feature that adds new Players the Icon 🌱 at Discord for one Month (if verified)
  • added DISCORD_UPDATE Mod a Function to remove the Icon 🌱 from new Players after one Month
  • fixed a Bug that caused FETCH_FACTIONS Mod to crash sometimes at special Situations
  • fixed a few Display & Crash Bugs from the Version Changes from
  • internal Bot Readme & Todo List updated & prepeared for Version
  • changed the Way how new Players get displayed within .status Command

Version (29/09/2020)

  • added the Sub Command: .player setup status to allow modification
  • added a Status Message Feature for max. Lvl Players
  • fixed that max. Level Players still gain EXP!
  • unlocked Level 100-200, 200-300 got prepeared for the Future!
  • fixed several Bugs that let the Bot disconnect from Discord
  • added the Command “.ranks” (.ränge) with Sub Command:
  • trust, activity, spacecash, experience, level (+DE/EN Support / +secret Shortags)

Version (24/09/2020)

  • implemented the Manager Commands to remove Factions & Members from Intern
  • implemented the Manager Commmands to accept Internal applys
  • implemented the Background System for the Internal Network
  • activated the Command “.intern apply”, all done (working)
  • fixed several Display Bugs within Command “player”
  • activated the Command “faction”, all done! (working)
  • added a private “Welcome Message” with Instructions within the Language Module (for new DC Users)

Version (23/09/2020)

  • added Module: AFK_WATCHER (WORKING)
  • hardly finished all Parts of the Donation Code (keep eye on it)
  • added Command: donate.js (working, seems like)
  • added Command: wanted.js (working)
  • added Command: wiki.js (working)
  • added Command: intern.js (working, apply missing)
  • added Command: discord.js (working)
  • fixed that Players didn't get lastseen_time updates
  • fixed Display Bugs in front of the Wanted Status (again)
  • fixed Profile Bugs and renamed it to “.player” mainly
  • fixed a Bug that Wanted Players can gain Trust Levels!
  • fixed a Bug that Online Wanted Players got displayed as verifyd/intern
  • fixed that at several Parts of the Codes
  • finished the Command “profile” + Sub Commands (Setup/Search, working)
  • Players that are back at EU #1 get “player_archiv” set back to 0
  • currently player_archiv don't have any effects - just for internal stats!
  • non-Discord Players now stay inside DB as “player_archiv” = 1
  • instead of getting deleted like before!
  • removed the Internal Channel Feature (overmess)
  • fixed that also Offline Player gain Levelups
  • fixed XP_SYSTEM Mod preventing leveling Players
  • fixed Torchlog Time Issue

Version (14/09/2020)

  • added Informations for the new Stuff
  • added Module “DISCORD_UPDATE” (prepeared, not finish!)
  • added “Profile” Command (prepeared, not finish!)
  • added Status Command (World Player Status)

Version (12/09/2020)

  • added new Command Informations to the
  • added Verification Web Api (
  • added Verification Command (+Configuration)
  • added Language Command (+Configuration)
  • added full Server Watcher (+Notifications, DB, Config & Co.) inside server_status Module
  • added Console Output for Worlds last Save while server_status running
  • added Console Online Player Amount while server_status running
  • cleared the mess inside server_status module

Version (10/09/2020)

  • fixed several Display Issues at the index.js
  • fixed a Factional Sync. Bug that duplicated Outputs inside Channel
  • fixed a few Bugs within include/clone_watcher.js (but still just for tests!)
  • added Option for Mod “SERVER_STATUS” > SERVER_STATUS_ONOFFPEROID (1-24, see Readme)
  • removed/moved tons of files and cleared the mess to be great! ;)
  • prepeared the .bat for starting the Bot without Visual Studio

Version (09/09/2020)

  • skipped the Version Release of due total change
  • added the Module “SERVER_STATUS” in a totaly new Way
  • removed the Module “FETCH_PLAYERS”
  • added the Module “FETCH_PCUTRADE”
  • updated the Module “FETCH_FACTIONS”
  • updated the Module “TORCHLOG_SCAN”
  • modifyd the “config.json” totaly
  • updated the README, DOCUMENTATION & TODO & moved them to DOCS

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