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IFN Easter Event

Have you ever spent Easter in Space?
At the IFN Easter Event you would at least have one good Reason!

Every Year from April 1st to April 10th, a Easter Egg will appear every Day.
The GPS are sent every Day at 8 p.m. UTC+1 in #community-news!

Loot, PvP & Entertainment Factor!
Some “Eggs” contain a Puzzle to find the Loot.
Of course, some other Players will try to get the Loot as well.
Prepare yourself for a fight for the daily Easteregg too!
“Fire free!” applies to the respective published GPS Data.

What exactly is in the Easteregg, are they defended?
Of course we will not reveal which Loot comes every Day.
Some Days there are larger Lootboxes and sometimes smaller ones.
There is no Defense, only other Players, as mentioned above!

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