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How do I build lag-free Grids?

So that your Grids do not become a Lag Machines, note the following!
The following summary is an experience report from many years!

  1. Healthy “moving” Grids should never have more than 6,000 Blocks
  2. Healthy “static / stationary” Grids should never have more than 7,000 Blocks
  3. Avoid too many H2/O2 Generators (max. 2-3), Reason: high calculation
  4. Avoid too many H2/O2 Tanks (max. 5-10), Reason: high calculation
  5. Always only fill up one Tank at a time to avoid bigger lags!
  6. Turn off Generators while your Grid is moving / flying / driving
  7. In general, keep all Modules that you do not actively need offline!
  8. Building Grids on/in Planets generally creates higher lag, avoid!
  9. Building Grids on/in Asteroids generally creates higher lag, avoid!
  10. Avoid endless Containers at a Place, Reason: laggy / buggy
  11. Too many Cryo Chambers also may produce lags
  12. Cubical Safezones generate high calculations, avoid them!
  13. Do not build Safezones in Asteroids or Voxel Maps (lags)
  14. Your Safezone should never be more than 130 Meters (lags)
  15. Avoid more than 25k PCU & 12,000 Blocks in a Radius of 40 Kilometers
  16. Pistons, Hinges & Rotors are real Server Killers, use them carefully
  17. Too many active Drills create lags, so stick to the limits & use carefully
  18. Too many Assemblers also lead to high calculations, so use max. 3
  19. Too many Refineries also create problems, so use max. 3-4
  20. Avoid jumps with huge Grids or many connected Grids at Primetimes
  21. Avoid great movements / maneuvers with huge Grids or with many connected Grids
  22. Endless Lights, LCDs and Effects also increase your lag Value
  23. An high Number of Weapons can also ensure that your Grid is lagging
  24. Too many Solar Panels cause heavy Calculation, please avoid that!
  25. Too many Conveyors and Cargos also cause high Calculations!
  26. Too many Subgrids and special Conditions can lead to Lags
  27. The Server simulation CPU load should never be over 60% (SHIFT+F11)
  28. Avoid server-heavy interactions at peak times (many players)!
  29. Don't dig unnecessary holes in Planets/Moons (these create permanent lags)
  30. The building or grinding of Grids should be avoided in active Safezones (Crash Case)
  31. Welder & Grinder Ships can lead to high CPU loads, avoid them as much as possible! (Crash Case)

:!: At the Community Discord in #se-screenshot you will find pinned Examples of problematic Grids!

This is just a rough Summary of the most common Problems.
As you can see it is a lot and unfortunately by far not everything!
Therefore, always watch the Lag Reports and the Server Simspeed (SHIFT+F11) when playing.
Also make sure (especially with Pistons & Co.) that your Grid does not land on SHIFT+F1!

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