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IFN Level System

The Level System of the Network is based on several Factors.
They define how active Members are and how much Trust they have gained.

There are…

  • General Player Level, currently max. Level 200 +Player Exp.
  • Trust System Level, currently no limit no Exp.
  • Race Event XP! no Level

Discord Player Profile Commands

.player SID or Player Name
.player setup bg, icon or status (Details via Command)

The General Player Level increases by receiving XP.
XP you obtain through activity at the Gameserver.

Trust Level (TP) you get level-up through special Events or after every 10th Player Level!

Race Event XP there are currently no Levels for that!
Use the following Command in Discord to see all Race Details.

.race profile

or visit this Wiki Entry regarding IFN Races!

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