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The Mini-Events were launched on August 12, 2021.
They should provide a little variety, especially in the Summer Time.
Mini-Events are announced in the InGame Chat as soon as they start (Global).
Largely in the Summer time while the big Events are paused!
They take place randomly and without planning, but 1-4 times a Month.

Below is a rough List of possible Events:

  • Find the treasure Loot has been hidden in a certain place that is announced to everyone in the Chat, find it before others do!
  • Conquer - A Spot named in the Chat and uncertainly defended can be conquered, the occupiers can take the loot with them!
  • Time Bomb - An Object with good Loot (at Space/Planets/Moons) is about to self-destruct, grab it before it goes up!
  • Scavenger hunt - A starting point mentioned in the Chat leads you on a small puzzle tour with loot!

:!: The Mini-events will be expanded in the future (Requests/Ideas can be done inside #feedback on the Community Discord)

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