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Player Event Channel

In the Discord Channel #player-events Players can create their own Events.
Players can also join and participate in existing Events made by other Players!
This Project is currently still in the test phase, so changes are possible.

Player Event Rules

  • Events need to follow the IFN Rules and Anti-Lag Conditions
  • The Language for Events/Threads is held in English (additional German Version possible)
  • IFN Admins and Moderators are allowed to end Events early if there are Problems
  • Event Creators have to get sure that the Server is not overloaded at any time!
  • No Player Events may be held during official planned IFN Events (lag Reasons)
  • Events get archived after 24 hours Inactivity (with Nitro up to 3 days)
  • You should avoid starting multiple Player Events at the same time!
  • Maximum 1 Event per Player/Faction every 48 hours!

Create a Event Thread


:!: This Wiki entry is still in progress!

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