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PvE Zones

It's about a Public PvE Zone that is active around the clock.
You can find the GPS for this Zones below, they define the Center Point!
The Zone covers a 500 km Radius around the GPS Marker and Grid.
The Grid (see Screenshot) defines the Center of the Zone!

Guns cannot be used within the Zone!
However, the PvE Zones are currently still in a Alpha Status.
Report your impressions to us in #feedback (Community Discord).
It's more or less a Test Lab Zone!


  • welding & grinding only possible if it's yours!
  • Collision Damage only for your own Grids!

GPS:PvE Zone 01:294999.203572287:1710758.06014584:-2445022.22216203:#FF00B17D:
GPS:PvE Zone 02:1714277.64168703:-2744046.2907767:2580879.0680094:#FF00B17D:

:!: By Default, the GPS will be added to you when you join the Server

Screenshot of the PvE Zone Center

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