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PvP Zone Battle

This is a public PvP Zone that is open around the clock.
You can find the GPS for this Zone below, the Center Point!
The Zone covers a 50km Radius around the GPS Marker and Grid.
The Grid (see Screenshot) defines the Center of the Zone!

There are no PvP Rules within the Zone!
So make sure not to live in this Radius.
Offline Raids are also allowed in this Radius.
It's more or less a wild Zone!

GPS:PvP Zone 01:-447918.951487394:-1965628.44053355:-2713003.37002549:#DCF5AD42:
GPS:PvP Zone 02:388295.400711864:-218190.741806737:2416322.81890793:#DCF5AD42:

:!: By default the GPS will be added to you when you join the Server

Screenshot of the PvP Zone Center

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