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Server Commands for World EU #1

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  • !rules shows you the Server Rules
  • !limits shows you all the Server Limits
  • !lagfree Wiki about how to build lag-free
  • !wiki open the IFN Wiki inside Steam Browser
  • !faq open the Knowledgebase within the Wiki
  • !admin open the Admin Support Page
  • !discord directly open the Community Discord InGame
  • !server Server Voting Page
  • !donate keep the Community alive!
  • !commands shows you all the InGame Chat Commands
  • !hangar save Attempts to save the Grid you are looking at
  • !hangar list lists all your Ships in the Hangar including ID
  • !hangar load ID Attempts to load specified Grid ID, use list for ID
  • !hangar info ID Info about the Grid in your Hangar, use list for ID
  • !npcraid open the NPC Raid Event Wiki Page
  • !race open the Race Wiki within Steam
  • !grids list shows you all your Grids & Coordinates
  • !map open the IFN early Alpha Starmap

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